The District is Seeking Assistance from Local Residents

During this year’s Texas Legislative Session, water issues were key. The 79th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1763 requiring Groundwater Management Areas (GMAs) to participate in a joint planning process effective Sept. 1. A groundwater management area is defined as “a geological area that is suitable for the management for groundwater resources.”

Frequently more than one groundwater conservation district is located in a groundwater management area. HB 1763 requires all groundwater districts located in the same groundwater management area to conduct joint planning meetings for determining the desired future conditions of shared aquifers. The Hickory UWCD is a part of GMA 7. (see map)

Each groundwater conservation district is to have a Groundwater Availability Model (GAM). GAMs are groundwater flow models (mathematical representations of aquifers) developed by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB).

The GAMs will play a large part in the GMA planning process. In order to best serve the interests of the GMA and the District, accurate information must go into the formulation of the GAMs. So once again, we are asking the community to assist in various ways.


Several years ago, the District provided rain gauges to several landowners with the stipulation that these landowners provide the District with monthly rainfall totals broken down into daily amounts. Unfortunately, we only receive about five reports each month. We welcome rainfall reports from anybody in the District. If you have a rain gauge and are willing to commit to turning in monthly reports, please, contact us.

Water levels will play a role in the development of GAMs. We are also still seeking wells to measure throughout the District. In 1999, the petition to create the District was amended. The District now covers not just the Hickory aquifers, but all aquifers within the boundaries. If you have a well not in use that you would be willing to allow us to access at least twice a year, please, let us know.

Finally, an accurate concept of how many wells there are in the District (not just Hickory wells, but ALL wells), and how much each of those wells pumps is vital to the management of groundwater resources. We reiterate the need for landowners to register or permit their wells.