Measuring wells















Another method used is an E-Line. Fitted with an electronic probe, the e-line is lowered into the well until the device beeps.










































The District uses a variety of methods to measure wells.

In this photo, David is measuring a Mason County well, using the old tape method. The tape with a plopper on the end is lowered into the well until the 'plop' is heard. A measurement is taken. This number is the distance from the top of the casing to the water level. The height of the casing is subtracted, thus giving a water level for the well.










The District has recently purchased Troll 300 water level loggers to be deployed strategically throughout the District. These devices are placed within the well, recording changes in water levels. We intend to collect data in 1-hour increments. Once a month, the field tech will visit each site and download the data. Because there is such a large amount of the data accumulated, these reports are not yet available on this website.